This will be a good generation

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Why do not our social media destroy us?

When people express concern about how our smartphones infect our youth, I’m laughing. The anxiety that the Internet is causing to worsen real human interaction is to remind that in the first decade of the revolution, many were worried that the video device would spoil the community. Let’s talk explicitly; it’s very clear that worrying about a cultural skip (hurting us as a community) always repeats the current process and continues to play again and again.


This person is a bubble

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For newcomers…

These days, the fever is a lot of hot issues, from startups to analyzing international relations. From design to technical principles of a job. But we need to know whether we need to be specialist, that is, to have academic education in that area or to have a lot of studies and experience.
But when there’s an overwhelming problem, some people will be asked or unwittingly to catch dirty water.
People who are exclusively looking for personal gain now want to be financially or personally. Sometimes, they always give a theory and seek to show themselves. There are so many people around us looking at it. People who are simply looking for themselves in a community with their own ignorance!
These people may not be harmful to the community in the short term, but when they are in a bubble where other people find it wrong and they consider them to be experts in that community, they will cause severe blows.


How to interpret?

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The writer and author comment on the commentary on an event, which this interpretation can not be as it wishes. In order to impress and understand the situation of the subject and the news, one should observe some of the articles that I try to name the position of each section as a title. To get a proper understanding of the text format of a political commentary. But it should be taken into account that these frameworks are not permanent. Only standard forms for presenting a note can be modified if needed or expanded.
The commentator always refers to the “why” element. Answers that the response to this news element requires understanding and control over news and events. At the time of writing the comment, after selecting the subject, this should be clarified as to what we want to present. This is where we have to provide information that proves this idea. The information used in the commentary can be based on news and news stories or quotes from others. We must know that predictor is not predictor; prediction is based on evidence, evidence and experience.