This person is a bubble

زمان مطالعه: ۳ دقیقه

For newcomers…

These days, the fever is a lot of hot issues, from startups to analyzing international relations. From design to technical principles of a job. But we need to know whether we need to be specialist, that is, to have academic education in that area or to have a lot of studies and experience.
But when there’s an overwhelming problem, some people will be asked or unwittingly to catch dirty water.
People who are exclusively looking for personal gain now want to be financially or personally. Sometimes, they always give a theory and seek to show themselves. There are so many people around us looking at it. People who are simply looking for themselves in a community with their own ignorance!
These people may not be harmful to the community in the short term, but when they are in a bubble where other people find it wrong and they consider them to be experts in that community, they will cause severe blows.