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Why do not our social media destroy us?

When people express concern about how our smartphones infect our youth, I’m laughing. The anxiety that the Internet is causing to worsen real human interaction is to remind that in the first decade of the revolution, many were worried that the video device would spoil the community. Let’s talk explicitly; it’s very clear that worrying about a cultural skip (hurting us as a community) always repeats the current process and continues to play again and again.

What’s happening in technology, culture, and society is only evolution. Technologies do not undermine real human interactions. Instead, they show people as they are. I’ve seen the 14-year-old girls take 10 minutes to get their best ideas, write it in Instagram, and then they want to continue this process. These superficial behaviours give rise to concern among specialists who think that technology can lead to such behaviours in adolescents. But this is what teenagers have always been trying to achieve, they are the favourite and the attention of their peers and others. Getting Selfie in Instagram is the same evolution.

Technology provides additional paths to carry out these behavioural trends that have always existed for us. We should not be sorry for the reason that a couple who are looking for their phones. For all of us, their phones provide a more productive, more productive way of delivering their attention than letting them go unnoticed or silent. Two people who do not like to see each other regardless of Instagram.

I know parents are worried that children do not know how virtual communities limit people’s ability and effectively lag behind their true society. They say interactions in Telegram or Instagram are “not real” and alienate children to the real world. I argue that children who do not have “no friends” at school can now join their friends through Telegram, Twitter and other social networks. It’s easier than ever to find a community with similar interests. Surely, the next generation of parents will hold meetings for their children on a regular basis in Instagram, Telegram and other virtual networks.

The problem is that we are afraid of everything we have not grown up with; that’s what humans react to. Each new media comes with a healthy fear that will destroy the latest achievement of the community. But the truth is that people are always looking for new ways to entertain, use media, and work together.

Our technology has not changed, it’s easy to engage in behaviours that we prefer to do anyway. Some families watched the TV at 60 when they talked to each other. Today, the families of this community are playing on their phones, and during their dinner, they tell their views about the image on Instagram. By no means can I tell you that your family should spend time on each other, but there is always something in every generation that wants to “give us as a community.” “You are pessimistic or optimistic about the subject that was discussed. But I’m totally optimistic because it’s only the evolution of society.

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