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For newcomers…

These days, the fever is a lot of hot issues, from startups to analyzing international relations. From design to technical principles of a job. But we need to know whether we need to be specialist, that is, to have academic education in that area or to have a lot of studies and experience.
But when there’s an overwhelming problem, some people will be asked or unwittingly to catch dirty water.
People who are exclusively looking for personal gain now want to be financially or personally. Sometimes, they always give a theory and seek to show themselves. There are so many people around us looking at it. People who are simply looking for themselves in a community with their own ignorance!
These people may not be harmful to the community in the short term, but when they are in a bubble where other people find it wrong and they consider them to be experts in that community, they will cause severe blows.

Suppose someone is in the business bubble and sees himself as one of the coaches in the field. what if?
It may be that a team that has just seen the exterior and so-called professional level of this person and does not know about him to come to get advice. The result is clear. A person defeats the team with non-expert advice outside of the subject matter.
Or assume another example …
A company refers to a so-called adviser for advertising advice. But with the lack of understanding of the target market, the type of presentation, the subject matter of the job, the consultant finds that the individual or company’s advertising campaign faces a certain defeat.
When we talk about expertise, it’s not just academic knowledge, it may be that the person has the best academic references, but he’s just as successful as academic. Along with this, one has to look at the expertise and experience. But the person himself or the person who is stuck in himself is simply thinking of the show. Show and present yourself to others. A person who has the disease and can be seen on every door.

The way of treatment for the community
The society is responsible for such people, for themselves and for others. The growth of such a person, such as cancer, may reach other places and people. So, one has to find a way or move this person either to learn or to get out of society. Of course, this person is eliminated from the community by passing on various mistakes, but this is a long way.
🔹 Learning: With different ways than the position of this person, he is prepared to be interested in something that he or she only displays. With small workshops and friendships, with the creation of internal discussions and conflicts, so that a person will be looking for research and study.
🔹 Deletion (Last Way): Sometimes a person resists all programs and simply likes to be nominally in your community and to be taken into consideration. As I said, these people are like pancreatic cancer. So you should do the most painful work as the last resort. Delete. Deletion can be done through multiple.
▪️ Sometimes, with a direct insight into the community (it is not very recommended)
▪️ Creating a space where the person is interrupted and his unrealistic face will be displayed.
▪️ It does not have to be a relatively important project until someone has the power to maneuver. (Sometimes you must accept small losses)

With these processes and processes that are definitely in place, you can create a dynamic community and bring these people together or eliminate them. But you have to consider that in a community everyone is involved in some way. Even the person who is looking for a show. One can, by guiding and fostering one’s personality, one of the main pillars of society, which he himself can form in smaller societies.
Always are everyone, but the best will stay.

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